Lyon Airport Terminals

Lyon Airport, formerly known as Lyon Stolas Airport, was founded in 1975 in replacement of the old Lyon-Bron Airport, whose facilities were too small to host the incoming flow of passengers.

It is the main airport of the French city of Lyon and its region. It is also a hub for Air France airline and serves either domestic and international flights.

Since Spring 2017 the new Terminal 1 became operative. It will integrate all terminals in just a single one. The next phase, which is expected to be completed between 2016 and 2018, will unite the boarding satellite facilities to Terminal 1, and to 2020, the current Terminal 1 will be fully restructured to be able to host along with its satellite over 11 million passengers.

Given the recent terrorist attacks that struggled France, it is recommended to arrive at Lyon Airport 2 hours prior in case you board a domestic or EU flight and 3 hours prior if you board other destinations to pass through security.

Transfer between terminals

The two airport terminals are connected at their departure lounges by “Le Square”, a three level connecting hub, where many airport services are hosted.


Lyon Airport is composed by 2 passenger terminals, since in Spring 2017 the first phase of the new Terminal 1 was completed, Terminal 3 ceased its operations and low-cost carrier flights were relocated:

Terminal 1

Lyon Airport Terminal 1 hosts either regional and domestic flights. It is divided by two sections; Hall A and Hall B. It is a two level building, with the Arrivals in the ground floor and Departures in the upper level. It is expected that on 2020 will be the single airport terminal hosting all flights and services.

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Terminal 2

Lyon Airport Terminal 2 hosts either regional and domestic flights. Their facilities are distributed in two levels: the lower level (Arrivals) and the upper level (Departures). It is linked to Terminal 2 by Le Centre building hub.

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Le Square

Le Square is a service hub where all services and amenities are located. It is a three-level building distributed as it follows:

- First level: Post office, Medical Centre, information desk, VIP lounges (2), restaurants, prayer room, ATMs, currency exchange, baby care rooms, customs, duty-free shops, Sofitel Hotel.

The Service Center, which is also hosted in the first level, has the following services: Lost & Found, office services, showers, toilets, access to the lounge, item storage.

- Second level: A restaurant, Espase Le Bec.

- Third level: Le Patio and the Sofitel.